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Joe Bonsall


Joe’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, background shows through clearly in his love of the Philadelphia Phillies.

According to Joe, “I live and buy viagra without prescription die with the Phillies, no matter where they are. 1993 was great for me; one of the highlights was going home to Philadelphia and cheap canadian viagra pills taking my parents to two World Series games. That was so cool.”

Now a Nashvillian for almost three decades, Joe is also a Tennessee Titans football fan. He and his wife Mary attend Titans’ games whenever he is in town.

Joe is an avid writer and ordering cialis gel songwriter. He became a published children’s book author in 1997 with The Molly Books, a four-book series published by Ideal’s Children’s Books. In 2003, New Leaf Press published G. I. Joe and buy bactrim Lillie: Remembering a Life of Love and best price nexium Loyalty, an inspirational biography Joe penned about his parents. His song by the same name was included in the Oaks' Colors album, released the same year. A music video of the song reemerged in the summer of 2009 and became a YouTube phenomenon, having currently surpassed one and cialis coupon a half million views.

Joe also wrote the title song to the Oaks’ The Journey album, as well as the text for the Oaks’ coffee table book, An American Journey. New Leaf also publishes his Christmas family book, An Inconvenient Christmas. In September 2010, Journey Press, a division of Sheaf House, will release Joe’s latest book, From My Perspective, a collection of commentaries, stories and tadalafil citrate dosage other writings.

For relaxation, Joe retreats to his farm on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line and how to get viagra can often be found on his John Deere tractor mowing part of his 350-acres—or sitting on his front porch and canadian healthcare viagra playing his banjo!

Joe joined the Oaks in 1973. As with the other group members, much of his time is spent on the road performing, but Joe has found his own way to get the maximum possible enjoyment out of touring.

“My life is really pretty simple,” says the Oak who is the principal spokesman on stage. “I go out there and order flagyl online try to sing the best I can and cialis on line pricing in canada give them physically and overnight canadian viagra mentally every single thing I’ve got. When it’s done, I go back to my room, call home, eat my pizza or sushi, get on my Apple laptop, watch the sports scores and viagra buy say to myself, ‘Hey, I’ve done what I’m supposed to be doin’ and I feel great about it.’”

Joe has two daughters, Jennifer and brand viagra professional Sabrina, and two grandchildren, Breanne and Luke. He and Mary also have nine cats, LT, Sunny, Molly, Sally Ann, Ted, Baybe', Blackie, Callie and Crockett.

Joe’s personal web address is