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At (The Oak Ridge Boys) Golden Nugget show, the man next to us from Austria, the couple from Texas, native Las Vegans, my friend from Canada and canadian healthcare pharmacy me—a New Yorker raised on rock 'n' roll and buy cialis Broadway—all had a grand time. Being a source of enjoyment to such a diverse audience is, indeed, a unique gift. The Oak Ridge Boys possess it and cialis soft the fact they are willing to share it is terrific. Ellen Sterling, THE HUFFINGTON POST, (July 31, 2012)



Since hitting the top ten for the first time in 1977 with Y'all Come Back Saloon, the Oak Ridge Boys have carved out one of the most successful careers of all time.” Chuck Dauphin, BILLBOARD, (May 3, 2012)

The Boys Are Back fuses good-ol' God-fearing glory with blues and cialis no prescription rock staples for this unusual collection of tunes, featuring new music and us cialis classics.



For more than a half-century, The Oak Ridge Boys have created an American music legacy all their own. Their foundational influence and award-winning history is attributed not only to their dynamic personalities and cialis price musical diversity, but also to great songs that have connected with the hearts of their audiences. (May 30, 2010)



One of the traditions that goes back many years and clomid side effects is consistant (sic) as the taste of a funnel cake is seeing the Oak Ridge Boys perform at the Kentucky State Fair. Jessica Blankenship, LEXINGTON COUNTRY MUSIC EXAMINER, (August 8, 2009) 



… the show attracted a near-capacity audience, with a surprising number of smiling teens and cialis price 50 mg college-age fans mixed in with the longtime supporters. ~ William Kerns, A-J ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, (June 23, 2009)



Even after the house lights came up, the crowd still called out for more. Randell Bolton, LOUISVILLE (August 19, 2008)



The Oak Ridge Boys have continued to make the journey no matter what... through all of the incredibly tough times, through changes and buy cytotec online adversity, through financial struggles, record deals, touring, and through the challenges of both Gospel and buy lasix online country music and the industry that controls them… The Oaks have always had a higher calling than any other group I know of, (They are) the supreme example of a "class act" in every way. Matthew Gillian, Historian/Broadcast Personality/Entertainer (January 10, 2008) 



Sounding like the day they brought home the Grammy award for best country group in 1981, the Oaks (as they’re affectionately known) brought a high-energy show and didn’t leave the audience disappointed. Gary Carter, HERALD DEMOCRAT ONLINE (October 29, 2007) 



(N)obody brings people together (more) than the wonderful Oak Ridge Boys. I left … wondering, how many of today's “hitmakers” could have drawn such a big crowd on such a miserable night. Tommy Jackson is a longtime Arkansas newspaper editor who now writes a weekly entertainment column for a number of papers in Arkansas and canada viagra generic Missouri. (August 13, 2007) 



It was fantastic. I loved how they blended the classic hits with the new songs and cialis health risks the gospel selections. Top notch performance! Kris Losh, Country Club In The Morning, WKDW, Staunton VA (March 5, 2007)



The Oak Ridge Boys serve as a reminder for the entire industry on how to evolve as an act over the course of time. They have lost none of their drive, their ability to select material that the public can identify with, and their delight in bringing that music to the masses in concert. Their recent performance at the CMA Music Festival is proof of the latter, and FRONT ROW SEATS is a fine example of one of Music City’s crown jewels continuing to raise the bar to a new musical level. NEW MUSIC MAGAZINE (September 22, 2006)



Speaking of Middle America, the mini-van driving audience went nuts for the band’s new rocking song “(Hard to Be Cool) In a Minivan… CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM, Wellington, OH (August 24, 2006)



(T)hey're part of the fabric of Americana...a marvel: utterly relaxed, supremely confident, vocally superb, and so supremely energetic... COURIER-JOURNAL, Louisville, KY (August 22, 2006)



Smiles were common in the crowd. Old couples held hands. Young couples spooned vertically. A dad rocked his baby on his hip in time to the music. It was a hot night on the fairgrounds. It was a slice of America. GAZETTE XTRA, Janesville, WI (July 31, 2006)



The audience, its gears jammed in the high "woo" and "yeah" positions, reacted by clapping and swaying along to the many familiar melodies and snapping photos with cell phones retrieved from fanny packs. THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH, Columbus, OH (August 9, 2006)



The Oak Ridge Boys were a revelation. They introduced four new tunes, and they were the best things I’ve heard them sing in 20 years. Their pitch-perfect, four-part harmony proved that they have lost nothing vocally over these many years. BOB OERMANN, @ MUSIC ROW (August 4, 2006)





Oh, what a tight, powerful vocal quartet can do with a superb acoustical space. After three trips to the Holland Performing Arts Center, the Oak Ridge Boys surely have mastered the hall…. The Boys and their six-piece backup band performed just over half their show with the symphony, which enhanced the quartet’s romantic ballads and boosted the power behind up-tempo songs like “Seven Nation Army….” Resident conductor Ernest Richardson was obviously enjoying himself, and the orchestra’s energy and charisma reflected its leader. Todd von Kampen, OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, (May 21, 2010)



There is no question, the Boys are back! With their trademark non-stop, high energy delivery, the Oak Ridge Boys had our audiences on their feet cheering mid-way through the show. As expected, “Elvira” brought the house down.  They are as good as anybody on stage. Ann Koonsman, President and CEO, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Association (July 13, 2009)


It's a credit to a veteran country group like the Oak Ridge Boys when almost half their Saturday concert with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra consisted of songs from a new album that was ballyhooed at Austin's trendy South by Southwest music conference this spring. It's even better when that unfamiliar material is received with cheers from people who showed up at Bass Performance Hall primarily for “Elvira” and “Bobbie Sue.” Shirley Jinkins, Fort Worth Star-Telegram - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX (June 21, 2009)





There are just some shows you anticipate like clockwork. In the summer it's Lollapalooza and Summerfest. During the holidays it's Handel's "Messiah" and Christmas renditions from R&B, jazz, country, pop and American music artists. We say all that to say, it's also Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Show time. Whether you are a big country music fan during the rest of the year, or prefer your country in the Taylor Swift pop style, this is a seasonal chestnut that is not to be missed. CHICAGO TRIBUNE (December 17, 2010)


The quartet certainly painted this town red and white and green and gold. Their harmonious voices and warm demeanor made for a perfect intro into the holiday season. The Oaks entertained concert-goers with their big hits for the first half of the evening. But after intermission, it was all about Christmas. The snow was falling, the elves were dancing, the lights were twinkling and spirits were high. PANAMA CITY NEWS HERALD / THE ENTERTAINER



The veteran foursome of lead singer Duane Allen, tenor Joe Bonsall, baritone William Lee Golden and bass singer Richard Sterban made the next-to-last stop on their “Christmas Cookies” tour at the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, bringing a delightful mix of secular and religious holiday favorites and their own bag full of greatest hits.

The Oaks opened the concert with a 45-minute set featuring three new songs and seven of their biggest hits. Brad Patton, THE TIMES-LEADER, Wilkes Barre, PA (December 2008)