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New iPhone and Android App Released

Screen_shot_2011-03-01_at_9.38.52_AMThe Oak Ridge Boys are proud to announce an all new iPhone app today. And for the first time, they are offering a matching Android app. Both are free and available now in their respective app stores. Follow the break (read more…) for more information on the app. Or simply head on over to grab it and experience the app for yourself on your own mobile device. Follow this link to download:

iPhone and Android App Features

Latest News Articles, complete just like on the web site

Tour Dates with venue information, maps and ticketing info

Music – sample and purchase MP3s of your favorite music group


Online Store

Biography, details far beyond the typical app

Music Videos to watch on the go (just not while driving)

YouTube Channel

Awards, Gold Records and Honors

Books – details and purchase links

Fan Wall – a great place to post and read about ORB

Social Networks – Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the ORB web site

Note: users can sign into Facebook and Twitter and share information back to their social network pages. Each user has their own profile page where they can connect with other users, their network, and even invite friends from their social networks who don’t have the app.

Top Users Leaderboard – earn point for using the app – reading, posting, commenting, listening to music and sharing items on Facebook or Twitter accumulate points. Can you be number one?

Users have the capability to direct message each other through the app, and will receive a push notification when this happens.


-2 #1 Peggy 2011-03-02 05:00
Cool! Works great on my Ipad too! Love it! Thanks!

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