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"Life's Railway To Heaven" By The Oakridge Boys


pullin out some oldies that i cant believe i havent posted yet

I wish they'd get out the HD video camera and start recording accapella old-time favorites just like this one -- and then post them on this site. It doesn't have to be fancy. I and probably many folks around the nation would love to watch and listen to harmonies from the Boys just like this video. I've been a fan of the ORB's since age 15. I am now 45, which put the Boys at ages 65 or more! I hate to think about it, but someday, someyear the ORB's as we have known for all of these years will come to an end -- hopefully by the rapture! Through the years, they have produced many memories, and it's still amazing how they can continue to entertain and perform at such a high level!
Friday, 08 April 2011 17:31
I think it is very interesting how the Boys got the opening pitch for this song. How did they all start singing in the same key? Listen to the video between second :02 and :04 - obviously the piano gives a pitch (F note) but the Boys did not sing the song based on that original pitch. I am certain that it was Duane who actually hums the first three notes of the melody line. He hums a A# - F# - A# (although I am not a piano expert). Listen closely, you can hear the notes from second :05 through :07. Also on second :21, the chord sounds strange because William sings the same note as Joe (A#) when he should have sang a C#. What a wonderful song sang with powerful ORB harmony! Nice!
Friday, 08 April 2011 17:18