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The Oak Ridge Boys - An Interview with Joe Bonsall

The Oak Ridge Boys are like mortar in the wall of modern American musical history. They are there, holding their end of the bargain, through decades and decades of comings and goings of chipped brick singers and bands. They came together in the early ‘70s with a configuration of talented singers who, if you checked their backgrounds, you wouldn’t have given a plug nickel as to the chances of them sticking it out together. You had a pragmatic Texan (Duane Allen); an independent soul from Alabama (William Lee Golden); and two northern “city boys”—a street kid and entertainment addict from Philly (Joe Bonsall) and a Jersey boy with a penchant for style (Richard Sterben). This mix was sure to implode all on its own in no time. Wrong.

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0 #3 dena reynolds 2011-03-22 15:53
wish i could see all of you next week
0 #2 dena reynolds 2011-03-22 15:51
really hopeing the oaks win yhe awards they are up for
-1 #1 Wilma 2011-02-19 19:18
Love the artical....
Looking forward to any new cds...will be in line for my copy!
Be safe out there...
take care & God Bless~

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