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The Oak Ridge Boys - News


ORB BNO cvr 6x6 lrg copyA review by entertainment columnist Tommy Jackson

I've been looking forward to April 15th for a long time now. No, not “that” April 15th, especially since I will be writing a check that day. But that's a story for another day. The April 15th I've been awaiting is because that is the release date of The Oak Ridge Boys’ first ever live album. Yes, this legendary group, now in their 41st year together, will be releasing this historic album titled “Boys Night Out” in three formats, CD, vinyl and digital download. The album is on Cleopatra Records.

With this album, The Oak Ridge Boys will have now done it all in their illustrious career, that includes selling 41 million albums, reaching the top spot of the country, pop and gospel charts and performing all over the world to millions of appreciative fans. The music is what this award-winning, universally popular group is all about. Of course the voices that belt out the great songs go hand in hand with the show. The classic songs heard in the Oaks’ live show are where Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban really shine. Now this live album is soon to be available to fans everywhere, and it's about as close to being at an Oaks' show as one can get.


The Boot - Joe Bonsall interview:Oak Ridge Boy talks new album and tour

The Oak Ridge Boys have scored a long string of country, pop and gospel hits in their five-decade career, performed for presidents and toured the world, but they have never released a live album — until now. On April 15, the legendary vocal group will release ‘Boys Night Out,’ which features a career-spanning cross section of their biggest hits, including ‘Bobbie Sue,’ ‘You’re the One,’ ‘American Made’ and — of course — ‘Elvira.’

The Boot caught up with singer Joe Bonsall recently to discuss the new album, and it’s not hard to see why he and the group have been so successful. Far from projecting the seen-it-all cynicism of many career musicians, Bonsall speaks as enthusiastically about the new project and his fellow band members as if this were his first album, and it’s contagious.

It’s not hard to imagine that if anyone ever tried to resist the Oak Ridge Boys in their career goals, the irrepressible singer would simply talk them into going along with whatever he wanted with his trademark mix of enthusiasm, charm and wit — and they wouldn’t even realize that it hadn’t been their idea all along.

It seems incredible that the Oak Ridge Boys have never had a live album. I was surprised by that when I saw the press release.

You know what, everybody seems to be baffled by that. I mean, how many live albums do acts do, I wonder? I’m tying to think about that myself. But it seems like every time we’ve even thought about a live album, some other project came up and reared its head, and we started pouring our energy into, say, an album of new songs, or a bluegrass-type project, or some patriotic flavored stuff, or maybe a gospel album. You know, we’re always doing different things, and the live album always kept getting pushed to the back burner.

And what actually happened was, last year, right around this same time, we decided, ‘You know what, we are feeling good, we are singing good right now — let’s rent some equipment, let’s put it back there, forget it’s there and just record a bunch of shows, and see what we come up with.’ And that process began, and it started to excite us, because although these are songs that we have done for years, they sound new and fresh. They sound like the way we’re doing them right now. If you want to hear the Oak Ridge Boys tonight in Nashville, Tenn., this is what it would sound like. We managed to accomplish that.

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Sandy Creek Bridge on CR 16590 to be dedicated in honor of Duane Allen, lead singer of The Oak Ridge Boys

DAllenPlaque-300x179The Big Sandy Creek Bridge over County Road 16590 will soon receive a new name. On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 15th, the bridge will be officially renamed and dedicated in honor of country music artist and Taylortown native, Duane Allen.

The ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. at the bridge, where a plaque detailing the location’s significance will be permanently placed and unveiled. The cast aluminum plaque is 20″ wide and 18″ tall, with a black leatherette background and will read as follows:

Award winning singer-songwriter-producer Duane Allen was born April 29, 1943, a few hundred yards from this bridge. Big Sandy Creek ran through the middle of the Allen family farm, where Duane picked cotton as a young boy. He learned to fish and swim in Big Sandy Creek. He rode over this bridge each day on his way to school.

Click Here to read full article


Message from Joe Bonsall #Boysnightout


The Oak Ridge Boys celebrate the release of Boys Night Out by offering fans a chance to win the ultimate “Fans Night Out”

ORB BNO cvr 6x6 lrg copyOne of the most loved and best selling groups in all of country music, The Oak Ridge Boys are set to release their first ever live hits album, Boys Night Out, next week (April 15). To celebrate this momentous occasion, the group’s record label, Cleopatra Records, has partnered with digital distributor The Orchard to offer fans the opportunity to win a special VIP concert package.

The contest, dubbed “Fans Night Out,” will run for the entire month of April after which one lucky participant will be randomly selected to win 4 tickets to an Oak Ridge Boys show of his/her choice along with a $50 debit card—and, most exciting of all, an exclusive meet-and-greet with the Oaks! It’s a dream come true for any ORB super fan.

“This whole Boys Night Out project has been geared towards the fans since the beginning,” says the Oaks’ Joe Bonsall. “Our long time friends have asked for a kicking live album for decades and, at last, the time was right to give it to them! We are so thankful to Cleopatra Records for jumping on the train with us and releasing Boys Night Out to the worldwide market!”

To enter the Fans Night Out contest and read more details, please visit:

To pre-order the CD or vinyl on Amazon:

To pre-order the digital album on iTunes:


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