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The Oak Ridge Boys - News

Joe Bonsall Does His Part To Raise Funds For Tornado Relief Effort

Joe Bonsall, longtime member of the Oak Ridge Boys, is now doing his part to raise funds for the tornado relief effort.

Specifically, Bonsall — who is also a published author — is donating 100 percent of his royalties from the sale of his latest book, “From My Perspective,” to the recovery of the Taneyhills Community Library in Branson, which was damaged during the Leap Day twister.
According to a press release from Bonsall’s publisher, Sheaf House, the funds will be donated from sales made March 5-April 5. During that period, Sheaf House will also contribute an additional $3.50 per copy sold, for a combined total of $6.54 going to the library for every sale.
The catch is that the books need to be purchased directly from Sheaf House to count. Hardcover copies of “From My Perspective” retail for $18.99 each.
Visit for more information.
“When my book publishers contacted me with a desire to do something for Branson in the wake of these awful storms, I was moved and touched by their generosity,” Bonsall said in the release.

ALBUM REVIEW: The Oak Ridge Boys "It's Only Natural" (Cracker Barrel Exclusive)

201108071318 The Oak Ridge Boys teamed up with the fine folks at Cracker Barrel to produce an exclusive album with 5 brand new songs and a load of other favorites. While the 12-track album dropped a few months ago, there is no greater Mother's Day or Father's Day gift than "It's Only Natural" from the Oak Ridge Boys.

The album begins with "What'cha Gonna Do," which has an upbeat, melodic sound that deserves to be a major country chart hit for the Oak Ridge Boys. "Before I Die" is another new song that has radio potential. The sincerity of the vocal performance is mesmerizing. "The Shade" has much of the same charm.

However, the best new song on the album is "Wish You Could Have Been There." The song has cultural relevance and an uplifting chorus that is both memorable and heartwarming. The bluegrass infused "Sacrifice … For Me" brings the Oak Ridge Boys back to their country roots, and the story in song has a political message that will resonate to patriotic American country music fans.


Oak Ridge Boys Shine At CRS As “What’cha Gonna Do” Continues To Gain Momentum At Radio

Screen_shot_2012-03-06_at_1.00.32_PM One of the most coveted invites at this year’s Country Radio Seminar (CRS) was “Breakfast with the Oaks”.  The 7 AM meet and greet had radio programmers from around the country 'Up and At 'Em' early, lined up to meet the iconic quartet.  Label partner Cracker Barrel added their special touch by catering the event with hot sausage and ham biscuits for attendees.

The renewed interest in the Oak Ridge Boys has been sparked by their new single “What’cha Gonna Do” and its now viral music video with YouTube star Keenan Cahill.  The YouTube video, with over 350,000 views, has helped introduce the Oaks to a whole new generation of fans, all the while reminding core fans why they fell in with love the legendary group in the first place.

The ‘Magic’ of the Oak Ridge Boys

oakridgeboys_itsonlynatural-300x266Just like a fine wine, the Oak Ridge Boys are one musical act that seems to get only better with time. Their latest album, It’s Only Natural, has benefited from a marketing agreement with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, and the album’s current single, “Whatcha Gonna Do,” has become their most played new single in quite some time.

The legendary group made an appearance last week in Nashville at the Country Radio Seminar to promote the new music.

“A lot of good people have come to town to promote their radio stations,” says Oaks tenor singer Joe Bonsall. “I think CRS is a magical thing. It’s still exciting to come out and talk with people about our new single and new album. It’s been a while since we’ve heard radio guys come up and tell us about playing the new music.”


Thinking Bee Launches New Family-friendly Web-series (Thinking Bee Productions)

Nashville-based Thinking Bee Productions has joined forces with family band Martin Family Circus and artist manager Marc Dottore to produce and distribute a web series about the day to day experiences of the group – the challenges of being on the road and in the studio, raising four children and teaching them the basics of becoming musicians, entertainers and performers.

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