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How do you like your cheeseburgers? Bet we can “top that”! Try this recipe!

May 18 | Posted by: Oak Ridge Boys

The Oak Ridge Boys FavoriteTM Bread ‘n’ Butter Jalapeño Cheeseburgers
Begin with about one-third pound of fresh ground sirloin or bison per burger. Ground turkey breast is also delicious—and a leaner option. Shape the ground meat into a patty. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Place on preheated grill.

While your burger is cooking, prepare your bun and condiments. We like to start with a lightly toasted bun. Layer the bottom half of the bun with leaf lettuce, slices of ripe tomato, a few rings of red onion, and slivers of fresh jalapeño.

As soon as your burger has been grilled to perfection, top it with a slice (or two) of Monterey Jack cheese. Let the cheese melt and position your cooked burger on top of prepared roll. Add three slices of crisp bacon. (Can you smell the deliciousness?)

Now, you’re ready to add the “secret sauce,” The Oak Ridge Boys’ FavoriteTM Southern Style Bread ‘N’ Butter Jalapeño. Spoon it on! Top with the other half of your bun and…

Viola! Or, as we like to say, omm pah pah mau mau! That’s delicious!

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