Since the beginning of this year we’ve witnessed a lot of changes, some that none of us would have chosen. Yet there have also been some good things. 

Superheroes have been replaced by real heroes closer to home — the healthcare worker who lives down the street, the shelf stocker at our local grocery store, and manufacturing plants, big and small, that have turned on a dime to produce life-saving equipment.

Neighbors have reached out to neighbors. Teachers have found innovative ways to teach their students online. And houses of worship have utilized new technology, along with old-fashioned ingenuity, to encourage and remind us that the Church is much more than a building.

During this time, The Oak Ridge Boys have been looking toward the future, and we have many exciting things planned. Restarting our tour, concerts in new venues and old, and a new record.

When this new year began we had no idea that we might soon be seeing things from a new perspective. But, sometimes, things change, and we have a renewed 20/20 vision. 

It’s time to embrace that vision.

Come and join us!

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