17th Avenue revival

1. Brand New Star (Aaron Raitiere & Mando Saenz)
2. There Will Be Light (Jamey Johnson, Larry Shell & Buddy Cannon)
3. God’s Got It (Charlie Jackson)
4. I’d Rather Have Jesus (Rhea Miller & George Beverly Shea)
5. Walk In Jerusalem (Traditional /Public Domain)
6. Where He Leads Me I Will Follow (Ernest W. Blandy / Public Domain)
7. Pray To Jesus (Brandy Clark & Shane McAnally)
8. If I Die (Ashley Monroe & Vince Gill)
9. Let It Shine On Me (Huddie Ledbetter)


1. Rock Of Ages
2. In The Garden
3. Blessed Assurance
4. Oh Come Angel Band
5. Sweet Jesus
6. I Love To Tell The Story
7. Peace Within (with The Isaacs)
8. Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee
9. Time Has Made A Change
10. Farther Along
11. Have A Talk With Jesus
12. God’s Unchanging Handv 13. Life’s Railway To Heaven
14. Power In The Blood
15. Sweet By And By


1. You’re The One
2. American Made
3. (I’m Settin’) Fancy Free
4. Love Song
5. Y’all Come Back Saloon
6. Sail Away
7. Dream On
8. This Crazy Love
9. Trying To Love Two Women
10. Come On In
11. Make My Life With You
12. Thank God For Kids
13. Elvira
14. Bobbie Sue